CookShop Online Teacher Interest Form

Join our CookShop Online Curriculum, specifically tailored to elementary schools, and made compatible with Google Classroom and/or any virtual platform of your choice. Our curriculum is divided into 6 units: One for each food group and MyPlate, USDA’s official food guide. Each unit includes a lesson background, an engaging explorer activity or recipe video, interactive worksheets and a physical activity to get students moving!  

Sound good? Complete the form below to access the CookShop Online materials and add them to your online classroom or share virtually with your students.   

Before you begin, please review this short overview of the CookShop program here.

This form is intended for classroom teachers. School administrators, please forward to interested participants within your school community.

The DBN or District Borough Number is the combination of your District Number, the letter code for the borough and the number of your school. Every school in the NYC DOE has a DBN.

These materials are intended for grades 3-5

If you plan to share these materials with more than one classroom please share the total number of students you expect to reach.